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At Beauty Lounge we offer extremely effective and affordable professional grade treatments to help you stay beautiful and healthy at all times.

“Always Beautiful Nails” by Catherine® Nail Collection (Germany).


    Know-how and premium quality, these are the key characteristics of Catherine Nail Collection. In close collaboration with high experienced chemists, we develop innovative products, exclusively produced and filled in Germany. Therefore, they meet the high demands of European cosmetics products and environment directives. We are proud to provide our studios and customers with the best quality made in Germany, because you are worth it.

“Christina – It Just Works” by Christina Pharmaceuticals (Israel).


   Since 1982, the Christina Company has been developing  specialized skincare products for healthier and younger looking skin. Utilizing powerful ingredients and advanced technology Christina provides the cosmetic professional with over 300 comprehensive products, for a wide range of skin conditions from mild to severe. Christina’s commitment to ongoing R&D in advanced skin treatments puts them at the forefront of the skincare industry constantly developing new and improved skincare solutions.

“Always Active” by Holy Land (Israel).


   HL is a professional cosmetics company offering a wide range of treatments for the face and body, while providing solutions for most skin types and conditions. The various product lines include treatment series for use by professionals at cosmetics institutes and treatment series for home use.

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