Gel Nails Enhancement
Let people notice your beauty!

Cafe Cognac

If you ever dreamed about excellent nails look for weeks with no touch, this is a chance to make your dream come true! Exclusive, body friendly and highly flexible Catherine gel (primarily developed for dental industry) provides you with self-confidence and success by true natural look without yellowing, and helps protect your natural nails against destructive environment. A variety of color gels and UV nail polishes helps satisfy any taste with a permanent attractive look for almost a month. Wearing Catherine gel helps restore natural nails’ health and strength.

Initial set of nails extension over templates  of shape and length you wish and like:

…….Square…….Oval…….Sharp…….Stilettos…….Natural look

We use multiple award winning Catherine products. $65.00 -$75.00

Overlay French look  $55.00

Overlay Color Gel  $55.00

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