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kleopatra-plakatausteller       The beginning of nail design is hidden in a myriad of legends. It is rumored that even Cleopatra, the mysterious queen of the Nile, used to model artificial nails with glue and porcelain powder. Apparently, in 13th century China men and women wore artificial nails as well. Modern nail design can be dated more accurately back to 1934 when a Chicago dentist Maxwell Lappe developed his first artificial nail. His invention was primarily aimed at helping the nail biters to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing look for hands and nails.

During the 50s in Hollywood we can notice the first appearance of acrylic nails. Quickly drying mass from two components was applied on a template right on the natural nail and after air drying formed to the right shape. This was the foundation of modern powder-liquid method. In 1975 a dentist Stuart Nordstrom improved the flexibility and resistance of artificial nails by using a new polymeric material in dentistry for nail modelling. In the end of 80s artificial nail enhancement also reached Europe. In America these polymeric materials made it much easier for nail designers to cope with struggle to model an ideal C-curve. The day of birth of gel system, which was further enhanced in Catherine Nail Collection system thanks to adhesive gel invention, is considered to be 1981. Its inventor Hacken Gourley asked James T. Juliano, an expert in polymeric materials, to develop a new ultraviolet lamp, which has also found good use in development of artificial eyes. *

Picture1     Later, this system has been further improved by and is used by Catherine Nail Collection, where main attention is given to making nails stronger and healthier. The main objective of the whole gel complex, starting with keratin base and over to glimmer gel, is protection and saving of natural nails. The main difference of Catherine Nail Collection from other systems is building a bridge for chemical bonding of nail plate with the gel cover instead of the traditional mechanical method. This allows for minimizing the damaging nail filing, and the bridging material specifics allow the natural nail to breathe. Throughout many years the use of Catherine gels has proved that nails grow strong and healthy. This health-improving effect is reinforced by cuticle care products and the unique keratin complex.

Always Beautiful NailsHaving reached its 35th birthday last year, Catherine Nail Collection in the world of hand cosmetics is considered like a Mercedes in the automotive world. Thanks to the highest quality of products and constant quality control the company has gained trust by women who care about their hands health and beauty in more than 30 countries of the world. The technology that demands additional knowledge and skills from the master is the price for client’s Always Healthy and Beautiful Nails (another company’s motto).

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*Extracts from the article by Dorothea Henniger published in Catherine Lifestyle Magazine #2, 2010 were used in this text.